Jonathan Farnick for Congress
Democratic Candidate - Illinois 14th
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Born in upstate New York, son of a World War II veteran from the Bronx, NY and a immigrant from Germany who moved to this country when she was 17 to live the American dream, Jonathan moved with his family from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Ohio, then to Michigan for schooling and where he met his future wife, and then on to Illinois in 1991. Melissa and he have been together for 22 years, were married 11 years ago, and this upcoming Leap Day will be celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. Together they have a 19 year old son who graduated from public high school and is now in a local college. In 2002 bought their first house in Woodstock, IL.

A computer systems support consultant, Jonathan worked on various projects at Fortune 50 food company in Northbrook for four and a half years, then on to what would become a wholly owned subsidiary of a Fortune 100 conglomerate in Des Planes for five and half years, and now with that same technical staffing company, Technisource, Inc. and is starting a new year still working on a project at Fortune 50 drugstore company, in Deerfield.

Jonathan has never before held elective office nor has he been on a ballot. In past elections he was a write-in candidate for the then 8th Congressional District; and submitted nomination papers to be placed on the ballot in other primary elections, only to have objections lodged that were successful in removing his name, and therefore a choice, for the voter. He again was challenged for this upcoming election, but was successful in having the objection withdrawn.

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